UV Varnish for Printing & Packaging

Ultra Violet (UV) Varnishing is a process for achieving a more striking type of coating on your printed material. Requiring the use of special Ultraviolet drying machinery, a UV coating is like a deluxe version of the non-UV varnishes, with the varnish appearing noticeably richer and more luxurious.

A UV varnish can be applied as either an all-over coating or as a spot varnish. They don’t contain any volatile compound can be harmful for environment. By this mean it is a very environment friendly instead of other type of varnishes. Because of the high curing capabilities, they are very effective to save time

Morecure Brand is one of big brand among varnish manufacturers in Turkey. UV-TEK Company export Morecure UV varnish to many countries. The very fast curing rate and high gloss properties are provide the best results to user’s demands. With the good quality standards and quality raw materials from only suppliers which is ISO certificate, the customer’s satisfaction is the first priority keeping the quality.

Morecure varnishes are always adjusted for the optimum viscosity on their concerned application area, taking into consideration the weather conditions, users working temperature by advanced experience and prosecution of users.

Flekso UV Varnish

It cures quickly to give a high gloss coating with good slip and rub resistance on a wide range of substrates. Its low odor once cured makes it suitable for labels and packaging applications. It can be applied by roller coating or flexo printing unit.

Offset UV Varnish

It can be printed from ink duct or water duct of offset printing machine. It can be choose by user whatever their system is capable. High gloss and resistant film properties can be gained even higher machine speed.

Screen Printing UV Varnish

It is for favorable for the special and partial varnishing jobs. Its high slip properties are suitable for double-side covering and prevent from blocking because of natural high film thickness to other printing system. The higher viscosity version of this type varnish can be used on emboss or other special effect.